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Hi! My name's Maddie. I'm new and I hate Hilary Duff. She is such a poser. Jilary is fucking discusting. Joel and Hilary make me sick. So, in honor of that, I think you all should read this....

GOOD CHARLOTTE rocker JOEL MADDEN and movie beauty HILARY DUFF have
finally confessed they are a couple and have been dating since July
2004, when Duff was just 16 years old.

The 26-year-old singer and Duff will officially announce their
romance when they co-present the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS in Miami on
28 August, because it's one month before Duff turns 18 - the legal
age to have sexual intercourse in California.

Duff famously romanced pop hunk AARON CARTER in 2003 during his
relationship with LINDSAY LOHAN, but she prefers the modest,
introspective personality of her new lover, Madden, reports newspaper

The press speculated the couple denied reports they were dating
because Madden could be arrested for statutory rape if he seduced the
underage star, but Duff insists nothing will change when she comes of
age: "I don't feel like there's anything that I can do when I'm 18
that I can't do now. Nothing's going to change."

She adds, "Compared to any young Hollywood-actor dude, Joel is so
normal. He's not a partier. He's not a crazy rock star. He doesn't
trash his room. And I like the way he looks, obviously.

"You see them on stage and it's pretty hot. As a good and honest girl
he helps me explore the flip side of myself, the darker side."

*barfs all over keyboard*
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