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Hey people, I hate how this place is DYINGG lol but yeah.. omg people I dunno if any of you have Xanga accounts but there are some seriously awesome people there WHO share many things in common with me there. Seriously I LOVE IT. I got these few pictures from
its really awesome I think you should ALL check it out. 
but some pictures that caught my eye

PLEASE tell me if I am wrong


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(no subject), notice the name of this community...AREN'T YOU GUYS HILARY HATERS TOO!? Back me up here!

Well, it kills me to see joel and that purse

oh, and im guesing SOME of you nice people might have sumthin in common with me... if so IM me i need some advise :(

X gUitar baBe Xx (sn)
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Return of a Favor

OMG U GUYS SO TOATLLY LOSE OK LIKE 4 SERIOUS!!11 ur all jus jeliss cuz hilrey is hawt n in movies n can efford 2 by reel fur. she a good person cuz she liek, gives 2 charity and onley gyud ppl give 2 chairty u knoe? she sings, to.

This isn't a far fetched exaggeration of the level of intelligence recently displayed by one of your own in my community. Just thought I'd return the favor. On another note—and in her defense, Hilary Duff is about as punk as Joel Madden, which is to say, not.

You don't have to like her. You don't even have to stay out of my community. All are welcome. But if you're going to be a retard, I will take the opportunity to make fun of you.

My warmest to anyone here who is also a member of any far sweeter communities, like say bimbo_duff? :P


HILARY RULES!!! *jumps out a window*
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okay, when I was 10-12 I was (am still kinda am) a HUGE Good Charlotte fan. I know all the words to every song. And guess what?? I EVEN LIKED LIZZIE MCGUIRE. That is, until the little poser became a singer. Joel was my favorite of the boiz, and I thought he would never let his fans down.
As I type he is holding Hilary's purse. I no longer lke Joel, and I never DID like Hilary... her songs were always so cheesy. If she stayed with Lizze, than I guess she'd be okay with me. back THEN i oucld watch her fall inot a trash can and laugh and point. Now I laugh and point becuase she the only FAT star. Im suprised she isnt anerexic. Hilary SUCKS!

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OH MY FREAKIN GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whosever idea it was to make this community is a fuckin genius!

i hate that slut so much!

who is low enough to make her bf jol carry her ugly purse around? and further more..does the word POSER match here? I THINK YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!

so i bow down to whosever idea it was to make this community.
to me, it is heaven

if you see shoe22 here, she is my best friend, and has the same ideas and/or opinions about this little bitch
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hey my name is kathy. i jst joined. i used to like hilary alot (it haunts me every day too) i actually saw her in concert but now i think she is the most retarded thing to walk this earth. she is a poser. i no everyine is saying that but its true. she is really stuck up. you have to be to make a song that is talking about all the place only rich people like her can go. i think the whole joel hilary thing is pity. joel is taking pity on her because did anyone else notice that they have quotes from her not him her. just her.