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Return of a Favor

OMG U GUYS SO TOATLLY LOSE OK LIKE 4 SERIOUS!!11 ur all jus jeliss cuz hilrey is hawt n in movies n can efford 2 by reel fur. she a good person cuz she liek, gives 2 charity and onley gyud ppl give 2 chairty u knoe? she sings, to.

This isn't a far fetched exaggeration of the level of intelligence recently displayed by one of your own in my community. Just thought I'd return the favor. On another note—and in her defense, Hilary Duff is about as punk as Joel Madden, which is to say, not.

You don't have to like her. You don't even have to stay out of my community. All are welcome. But if you're going to be a retard, I will take the opportunity to make fun of you.

My warmest to anyone here who is also a member of any far sweeter communities, like say bimbo_duff? :P


HILARY RULES!!! *jumps out a window*
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