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Return of a Favor

OMG U GUYS SO TOATLLY LOSE OK LIKE 4 SERIOUS!!11 ur all jus jeliss cuz hilrey is hawt n in movies n can efford 2 by reel fur. she a good person cuz she liek, gives 2 charity and onley gyud ppl give 2 chairty u knoe? she sings, to.

This isn't a far fetched exaggeration of the level of intelligence recently displayed by one of your own in my community. Just thought I'd return the favor. On another note—and in her defense, Hilary Duff is about as punk as Joel Madden, which is to say, not.

You don't have to like her. You don't even have to stay out of my community. All are welcome. But if you're going to be a retard, I will take the opportunity to make fun of you.

My warmest to anyone here who is also a member of any far sweeter communities, like say bimbo_duff? :P


HILARY RULES!!! *jumps out a window*
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hun it's cute you love Hilary but i can't read a word you're saying.

You just owned yourself harder than I ever could have by insulting you. Congratulations.
Congratulations. You're an asshole.
Hey, don't take it out on me. I'm not the one who owned you like a nub.
I said you couldn't spell. How is that owning myself? So for you saying I did i think you're an asshole for that.
The post makes itself pretty clear that it is in fact, a satire of another post made by a member of this horrid, horrid community, and not actually exemplary of my (superior) language skill.

The very point of it was to read as unintelligently as possible so as to mock the person in the post linked to. However, for the sake of (slow) people like yourself, I clarified, and somewhat thoroughly, that the post was meant to be mocking.

Therefore, we can conclude, that in not grasping something laid out and defined so clearly before you, then attempting to insult me for it... verily, you have owned yourself. I'm just the one who pointed it out.
Well if you have such a "superior" language skill, why didn't you use it up there?

I am not slow. Period. You made yourself look like an idiot by typing like that. It wasn't mocking because no one in this community types like that. So if that was meant to be mocking, you should try to improve.

I did "attempt" to insult you because of what you said was insulting to me. All I said in the beginning was that I didn't think it was bad that you like Hilary but I thought you needed to learn to type better. So no. I have not owned myself.
Ohhh... So what you're saying is, in order to make good satire, I should in no way exaggerate using my own sarcastic wit to point out fault, but instead do an exact non-humorous copy and hope that others will see it from my same point of view. What a fool I've been!

To answer your first question: A very small part is typed like that above, and the rest of the post is dedicated to explaining why, just for special people as yourself. Perhaps if you'd read, you'd know that.

To be honest, I don't know why I'm even defending this post in the manner I am. Because you see, it was written back in OCTOBER when I still kind of cared about the subject matter. Now I'm just doing this on strong conviction that you are stupid. But clearly have not owned yourself, as I have learned today.
Well it sure wasn't humorous. I'm not saying that it is bad that you used to like Hil but I think that you didn't type it in a eligable writing. I couldn't understand what you were saying.

I did read. I thought that the beginning was terrible and you couldn't read it. Yes, afterwards it did get better and you could understand but I said I didn't understand your typing about the first part.

Yes it was written in October and I made that comment not thinking it would start a whole thread and arguement like this. And I am not stupid. If I am stupid then so are you for still trying to explain this. My excuse is my hunger for having to get the last word out. What is yours? And thank you for saying that I did not own myself.
I've never actually liked Hilary Duff. I just added that last bit into the post to be an ass. I came to run the fan community as a troll.

Anyway, I'm done.
That's good, that's good. Haha.

Well I guess I'm done too.